Development process of Centerless grinders

Development process of Centerless grinders

  In the field of modern machining, grinding is not only an advanced precision machining method, but also an ancient processing method. Its long history can be traced back to thousands of years ago. At that time, the hunting and cutting tools are by human beings in the process of fighting against the harsh environments in order to survive were ground and polished with stones, which served as the grinders. Centerless grinding is a special type of grinding, which is carried out on centerless grinders. In the field of machine tools, although centerless grinders are a new type, the working principle was used as early as in 1853 in the course of processing needle rollers. In 1867, the Englishman Heny Dyson created the most primitive centerless grinder. After about half a century, in 1922, the American Cincinati and a Swedish company almost simultaneously worked out the first centerless grinder in the world, thus initiating the history of centerless grinders.

 During the development process of centerless grinders, the working drawings have experienced a tortuous evolution. In the early stage, the centerless grinders were single wheeled; grinding was fulfilled by the grinding wheel end surface or the circumference; the support and continuous contact of the workpieces were guaranteed by the stopper, the guide and the springs. It was not until 1915 that the pallet and guide wheel were invented.

The appearance of guide wheels and pallets led the centerless grinder design and grinder process into a new historical period.

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