CNC system is of great significance to the national economic development

CNC system is of great significance to the national economic development

The numerical control system is of great significance to the national economic development. It objectively examines the current situation of China's numerical control system, combines the current environment and conditions of macroeconomic operation in China, correctly analyzes industry characteristics and industrial characteristics, and adopts correct guidelines and measures. It is China's numerical control system. The basis for further development of the industry.

Objectively examining the current situation of China's CNC system, combining the current environment and conditions of macroeconomic operation in China, correctly analyzing industry characteristics and industrial characteristics, and adopting correct guidelines and measures are the basis for the further development of China's CNC system industry.

The development of the domestic CNC system industry is not simply the development of a certain CNC enterprise, but the overall progress of the CNC system industry in China. The user lacks confidence in the domestic CNC system, not on which one, but not on the entire domestic CNC system. The current situation is that domestic CNC system companies are killing you in the low-end market, but can not be united and compete with foreign systems in the middle and high-end markets. We believe that only the domestic CNC system enterprises are united and have the strength to compete with foreign systems. Under the circumstances of the country's promotion of independent innovation, users feel that it is their duty to support the domestic CNC industry, from passive to active use of domestic CNC systems. With the support of users, the domestic CNC system can be developed rapidly. On the issue of supporting national products or using foreign brands, the Chinese people are constantly arguing. In terms of numerical control system, familiar Siemens, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Schneider, AB, etc. occupy the brains of a large number of market and machinery manufacturers, rely on international brands, reduce their own after-sales risks, and improve their product taste is still the thinking of many businesses. . National brands continue to grow in this difficult environment. In this case, the author understands Guangzhou Zhengteng CNC Technology Co., Ltd., which started in the field of printing machinery numerical control system, relying on the growth of the Automation College of Guangdong University of Technology, relying on its tender shoulders, from intermittent (all-round) printing After the successful development and promotion of the machine control system, it has continuously competed with many world-famous brand products, and has deeply realized the hardship of developing its own brand in this environment. After paying off, Guangzhou Zhengteng CNC, an emerging CNC company, will continue to improve itself and move toward more fields, which will certainly grow stronger with the development of the national numerical control industry.

The numerical control system is the soul and brain of advanced manufacturing machinery, and has strategic significance beyond the great economic value of the country's economic development. CNC systems cover a wide range of applications, from CNC machine tools to professional CNC machines, printing, packaging, textiles, and various product manufacturing. Such a huge market is the reason why CNC companies at home and abroad are constantly fighting. In the past few decades, China has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to carry out numerical control, but the overall idea is to introduce foreign technology. However, foreign countries have always adopted the policy of discriminating against technical blockade, high-end product restrictions, and low-end product dumping. Blindly emulating foreign countries, they will only be beaten behind and be controlled by others. The only way out for China's CNC industry is to take the road of independent innovation and revitalize China's CNC industry with its own core technology.

Innovative technologies and products mean new things, and it is a very difficult process to be recognized by the industry and users. There are many innovative scientific research results with very good market prospects. As the innovators did not persistently eliminate the difficulties and obstacles in the process of transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, they were eventually shelved. Scientific and technological achievements are in the laboratory environment, focusing on the realization of technical functions; productization requires facing the harsh use environment and ever-changing application objects, satisfying users' stability, reliability, practicality, applicability and high cost performance. The requirements of industrialization require products to establish a production process, quality assurance system and pre-sales and after-sales service network in the large-scale production process, and ultimately occupy the market.

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